Stories from the village

La Grand Randonnée – GR51

To bring you all up to date, yes I can hear you murmuring, about time! OK I have been away in Western Australia for 3 months, and am now back and ready to start the season again here on the fabulous Cote d ‘Azur.

Already guests have arrived and are enjoying the beautiful Spring weather, the walkers are out on the mountains enjoying the wild flowers and stunning scenery.

Continue reading “La Grand Randonnée – GR51”

Forthcoming Events…Lavender Festival

The wild lavender has been cut on the mountain sides this past weekend and is now lying on the salle de fetes floor drying ready for the essential oil distilling which coincides with the Lavender festival held in the village next weekend. The scent in the salle is over powering at present.
A group of villagers went out at 6 am to cut the Lavender. The reason for the early hour is to try to avoid the heat of the sun and the busy bees! Continue reading “Forthcoming Events…Lavender Festival”

The Other Evening

I am often asked ‘what do you do in a village like this’? so I want to share little cameos of various happenings that I think may be of interest. Let’s take Tuesday evening. Just down the mountain there lives an elderly gentleman who was one of the original TV cameramen when Monaco TV first started. He is of course retired now, but his passion is the restoration of old films, and when I say old, I mean just that. Continue reading “The Other Evening”


I was told by my departing guests today that I need to promote the wonderful walking that is available right from the door here. So yesterday because I was talking too long on SKYPE I missed the bus down to the beach!

I decided OK, I’ll walk down to Menton. it is one of the few trails that I have not done around here. So making sure I had water, nectarines and a peach, plus swimming things I set off down the valley below the village. Continue reading “Walking”

How we returned home…..

So 3am arrived, time to catch the last train back to Menton. We walked up to the station only to find the whole place locked up. So was it to be park benches for the rest of the night? Umm not in Monaco please. We walked through one of the many tunnels onto the main street to try and find a taxi, absolutely none to be found. Now feeling very tired and longing for a flat surface to lie down on I strolled over to one of the many groups of seemingly bored police, explained the situation and asked if they could recommend a plan of action. Continue reading “How we returned home…..”

Ste Agnès is situated at 750 meters above the gracious town of Menton, 10 minutes away from the Mediterranean, in the South Eastern corner of France. It is the last town before crossing the border into Italy.
Ste Agnès is reputed to be the highest coastal village in Europe so the views here are spectacular, looking out over the Mediterranean, with a backdrop of sheer mountain sides, clothed with herbs and pines.

Ste Agnès is justly proud of its honour as one of the most beautiful villages of France. A title awarded every 5 years after fierce competition between 142 villages.

If you are interested in staying in a genuine medieval village in this area, with plenty of activities to experience and sites to visit, click on the above links to find out more.