I was told by my departing guests today that I need to promote the wonderful walking that is available right from the door here. So yesterday because I was talking too long on SKYPE I missed the bus down to the beach!

I decided OK, I’ll walk down to Menton. it is one of the few trails that I have not done around here. So making sure I had water, nectarines and a peach, plus swimming things I set off down the valley below the village.
The path down the mountain is easy to follow and I was very pleasantly surprised as I thought there might be a lot of roadwork, but no. The path meandered down through olive groves, passed peoples gardens, then along a ridge before descending down through some old pine trees which were filled with singing cicadas that the French love so much. They remind me of crickets or locusts in Africa, so not a great association! but the scent of the pines in the hot sun was lovely. Finally the path exits on the the main street which leads straight down to the beach. It was gorgeous to plunge into that water, eat the fruit, drink my Panache and relax before catching the bus back up.

There are many many more walks around here and the views are simply stunning, so if you are coming remember to bring those walking boots…..

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