Time to start a Blog!

Long over due so I’ll get started without any further procrastination. My intention for the Blog is to give a more rounded and up to date view with events, traditions etc that happen ‘down here’
The latest event is of course the Royal Wedding in Monaco of His Serene Highness Prince Albert and now Her Serene Highness Princess Charlene.

I was lucky enough to be invited on board a luxury yacht for the evening’s entertainment down on the quayside in the port of Monaco for the concert of Jean Michael Jarre of electronic music fame. Oxygen?? bring back memories? I have to confess at this stage I had never heard of him!

We walked along the quayside and on board, security tight tight everywhere, no boats allowed to move in or out of the port, but we had a wonderful view of all the proceedings. The stage had 7 huge gantrys in front which were lit up by whirling colours all through the concert. Together with laser lights playing across the backdrop of the steeply rising buildings behind the port all made for a natural amphitheatre. Every now and again huge fireworks went way high into the sky above, pity all the brass cleaning that would have to take place on the morrow as the cordite fell onto the gleaming boats and yachts below.


Overlooking the port was the Palace, lit up in the Monaco colours of red and white, it looked like a cake, rather garish to my mind. but Monaco is all about money and pretentiousness.
Tomorrow I’ll tell you how we eventually returned to Menton !

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