How we returned home…..

So 3am arrived, time to catch the last train back to Menton. We walked up to the station only to find the whole place locked up. So was it to be park benches for the rest of the night? Umm not in Monaco please. We walked through one of the many tunnels onto the main street to try and find a taxi, absolutely none to be found. Now feeling very tired and longing for a flat surface to lie down on I strolled over to one of the many groups of seemingly bored police, explained the situation and asked if they could recommend a plan of action.After many minutes on the phone we were asked to climb into a police van and were whizzed off, siren going, to a large roundabout where to our amazement police were holding a late night bus up. We climbed aboard to much slow clapping which turned to merriment when I made a flowery medieval bow to all. The bus took us back to Menton where we thankfully walked back to the apartment and to the longed for sleep. A great evening.

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