Forthcoming Events…Lavender Festival

The wild lavender has been cut on the mountain sides this past weekend and is now lying on the salle de fetes floor drying ready for the essential oil distilling which coincides with the Lavender festival held in the village next weekend. The scent in the salle is over powering at present.
A group of villagers went out at 6 am to cut the Lavender. The reason for the early hour is to try to avoid the heat of the sun and the busy bees!

One collects the flower heads that have formed the seeds where in lies the oil, using a very sharp short handle scythe (see photo on ‘Attractions’ page of website)
The stills will be set up next Saturday night and by noon on Sunday small phials of essential oil will be on sale on the stalls. There will also be restored old farm implements,

decorated straw hats, many many kinds of jams:

and the odd donkey giving rides! In the evening there is a communal dinner with disco to dance away the Summer night.

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